Aussie comedians, Roy Slaven and HG Nelson add their style of humour to the Olympic Games with their nightly show, The Dream with Roy & HG.  No Olympic stone is left unturned during their irreverent observations.

Roy & HG with their mascot, Fatso
Roy & HG with their mascot, Fatso

Who can forget their commentaries on the Gymnastics, including “hello boys, crazy date, hello boys”?  Or “you’re supposed to lift it” when one weightlifter fails to lift the bar, and “Fight! Fight! Fight!” during a Tae-Kwon-Do replay.  They observe the ‘splat factor’ in the diving, and narrate stories behind the synchronised swimming – Aussies (building the Harbour Bridge); the Japanese girls (Minki Whales) and the Russians (Rasputin)!

Roy and HG refer to the Princess Royal (Princess Anne of Great Britain) as “a real bloke magnet!”

During an interview with an American athlete, Roy and HG commented that NBC were “bloody idiots” because telecasts were delayed, not live.  (It was ironic that NBC featured a story on Roy and HG, during Seven Network’s Today at the Games.)  Visiting Americans said they loved the show.

Champion athletes are subjected to Roy and HG’s unique style of interviewing.  They asked Pole-vaulter Tatiana Gregorieva if her poles were stored in her garage!

"Bloke Magnet" Princess Anne, the Princess Royal at the Royal Australian Corps of Signals 75th Anniversary parade on 5 July 2000.
“Bloke Magnet” Princess Anne, the Princess Royal at the Royal Australian Corps of Signals 75th Anniversary parade on 5 July 2000.

Of course, there is The Dream’s mascot, Fatso the Fat-arsed Wombat.  Guests on The Dream have the privilege of posing with Fatso, after their interviews with Roy and HG.  They are given a Fatso pin (last valued at AUS$4,500).  Fatso himself will be auctioned off for fundraising on  (Bidding closes midnight AEST on Saturday, 30 September.)

Guest newsreaders included soap-star Belinda Emmett, former Olympian Shane Gould, Aussie swimmer Sam Riley and former tennis pro, Billie-Jean King.  Were they aware Roy and HG were pulling faces behind them, as they read the news updates and medal tallies?

Roy and HG make much of the Greco-Roman Wrestling, including comments about socks going into the competitors’ undies!  Viewers see shots of water-polo players grabbing and pulling at each other’s Speedos.

On a positive note, Roy and HG have praised the volunteers for their tireless work during the Sydney Games.  They are the unsung heroes who helped make the Games a success.

© 2000 Carolyn M Cash

This article was originally published by Themestream on 30 September 2000.

NB: The team are: Rampaging Roy Slaven (John Doyle) and HG Nelson (Greig Pickhaver).

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