Greens Senator Mahreen Faruqui has reacted angrily to an online article which claims Prime Minister Scott Morrison rejected more assistance to firefighters.

According to SBS, the Prime Minister had addressed a media conference in Sydney on Tuesday, 10 December 2019, discussing the Religious Discrimination Act, the White Island tragedy in New Zealand, volunteer firefighters, and comments from the Miserable Ghost about climate change.

One journalist had asked whether volunteer firefighters should be paid, especially as some are said to be crowd-sourcing funds for water, food and resources on the ground.

Her tweet reads, ‘Just f*** off.’

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Facebook Friend Garth points out the double standards, ‘But what would the consequences have been had a male senator posted the exact same message about a female MP?’

Should Greens Senator Mahreen Faruqui apologise for her vulgar comment?

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